Milford Oyster Festival – 2021

The Milford Oyster Festival is the perfect place to taste the Milford oyster as well as many other types as this oyster festival has the largest variety of oysters at any festival in the USA. This year, Milford Oyster Festival will have about 40,000 oysters with 21 varieties from 8 states on the East Coast.  This oyster festival will many fun activities for the participants including arts and crafts on the Green, Main Street, the non-profit area, car show, canoe and kayak races, food, and entertainment.


Did you know the bivalves were a famous food among Americans even before the Europeans set foot on the continent? So it is a thing to be ashamed if you don’t know about your oysters right. People from different areas have different preferences towards oysters. Kumamotos are loved the most inWest Coast. Wellfleets are the […]

The 7 Best Oyster Festivals in the US

5th August is National Oyster Day. How we can celebrate this yummy treasure that comes hidden in a shell? There are many oyster festivals organized around the US but here is a highlight of the top 10 oyster festivals organized for National Oyster Day. You can choose the nearest one or the one that suits best to your taste of fun and adventure. 

Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers

When you travel, one in all the best ways to expertise a place is through the food. Every plate could be a story from the one who created it and made places they represent. Especially you can experience Virginia foods with the tastes of thoughtfully selected and carefully sourced local ingredients. Across Virginia, you can […]

How to store the oysters properly?

Oysters taste better when you have them at your favorite place with your loved ones. Yes, you can have oysters at your birthday party or at the family Christmas party. We have to eat the oysters fresh to feel the original taste. But the chances are high that you will have to buy them a […]

How to shuck the oysters in the proper way?

Icy cold oysters with a glass of white or champagne is a match made in heaven. A fancy restaurant is not the only place you can have your oysters at now. You can enjoy this culinary delight at your home with your loved ones without worrying about what people will think about the speed you […]


Do you belong to the team “I love oysters” or the team “I hate oysters”? The chewy, salty, and fresh flavor of the oysters will have you obsessed with them or just hate them enough to look away when you see them. There is nothing in between! But if you try it once with an […]


40th NC OYSTER FESTIVAL – 2021 Who loves Oysters and some fun? Mulberry Park, Shallotte transforms into a paradise of culinary miracles for the Oyster festival every year. 2021 will remark the 40th anniversary of the NC Oyster Festival which is organized with the support of dedicated volunteers of the Town of Shallotte, local businesses, […]