Denmark's Oyster Festival

Denmark’s Oyster Festival – 2021

Oysters have been through centuries in and you can assume that the flavor of oyster has a dash of world history infused to it. It is unbelievable that raw meat coming from a little bivalve has been loved around the world for years and years. Let it be America, Europe, or Australia, every part of the world has oyster festivals celebrating this delicious seafood. Denmark’s Oyster Festival is one remarkable oyster event in Europe.

Denmark is not a tiny hidden country in Northern Europe. It has a great diversity in the landscape that exceeds to minor size in the world map. Wadden sea of Denmark is a declared UNESCO World Heritage and oysters from this sea are a must-try for all oyster lovers. There is no better moment than Denmark’s Oyster Festival to slurp down some Wadden Oysters which are known for their fresh juicy taste.

Around 1937, the stock of European Oysters in Wadden was threatened severely due to a fierce winter season and predation. Pacific oysters from Ireland were introduced to this region by Sextus Rasmussen to replace the lost population of European Oysters. Today there are about 72,000 tons of oysters ready for harvest and it is proof of how invasive the Pacific oysters are. There is no shortage of oysters in the Wadden Sea so you can stuff yourself with loads of oysters with zero guilt on breaking the balance of the ecosystem.

When Denmark’s Oyster Festival season marks its entry to the Romo, so many other activities start to take place in the locality. If you are planning to travel to Romo for Denmark’s Oyster Festival, there is much to do in addition to savoring the Wadden Oysters. You can start with the Wadden Sea National Park while the thousands of oysters await to be picked by your hands. There will be guided oyster tours and restaurant offers to target the tourists visiting Tonder Municipality for Denmark’s Oyster Festival.

Here is all you should know about Denmark’s Oyster Festival before visiting there.


1.   Date

2.   Events at Denmark’s Oyster Festival

3.   Program

1.    Date

8th of October 2021 – 11th of October 2021

2.    Events at Denmark’s Oyster Festival

  • Danish Oyster Cup

This is one of the signature events at Denmark’s Oyster Festival. The seasoned oyster shuckers will eloquently move their sharp blades through the oyster shells just before your eyes. Grab a drink and sit down to watch this breathtaking event while slurping down a dozen of oysters or more.

The oyster shucking contents of Denmark’s Oyster Festival have the same rules and regulations as per the international competitions. The knives used by the contestants should be approved by the judges before the start of the competitions. Shucked oysters too will be observed by the judges before deciding on the winner.  

Every contestant will be given 32 oysters and they are expected to present 30 well-shucked oysters to the judges. Experienced and skilled contestants usually finish the task within 3 minutes. The oyster should be carefully shucked with no shell pieces left on the meat. Hurting yourself while shucking will cause to reduce the marks.

Denmark's Oyster Festival 2021
  • Oyster Grand Prix

All oysters are good but which is the best? You should be there at the Oyster Grand Prix of Denmark’s Oyster Festival to know the answer. A range of fresh ad flavorful oysters from different countries and continents will be brought to Romo. A panel of judges will take over the heavy responsibility of choosing the best type of oysters. There will be long sessions of assessments and observations before the decision is made. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to buy the oysters brought to Denmark’s Oyster Festival for the competition.

3.    Program

Please visit the official website for the program schedule


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