Tampa Oyster Festival

Tampa Oyster Festival: December 11, 2022

Oysters are indeed delicious. And they have their own type of salty and soft flavor. If you are an Oyster lover, then Tampa Oyster Fest is the best place on the earth to taste some great oysters. Are you a traveler or a local who would not like to miss one of the grandest oyster festivals? Then don’t miss the chance and pay a visit to Tampa Oyster Fest. Mark the date, and take advantage of the opportunity to dive into a heap of Tampa Oysters.

In Tampa Bay, Oysters are harvested throughout the year. Even though Tampa is not a huge oyster farming center, they produce the best oysters in the world. And the Lost Cost Oyster Farm in Tampa Bay grows and harvests its signature oyster, “LoCo oyster,’ which you can only find in Tampa Bay. If you visit Tampa Oyster Fest, you can definitely taste the signature LoCo Oysters; furthermore, oysters receive from Tampa Bay farms are fresh and nutrient because the estuaries are rich with nutrients and great for oyster cultivation.

Tampa oyster festival is presented by the Framework- (a nonprofitable organization) to treasure the oyster culture and help the community with their mission. This grand celebration for Tampa Oysters and other food is worth watching because it is not only about the oysters but also about the traditions and culture of the locals.


11th of December 2022

The Festival is scheduled to be held from 1 PM-5 PM.


Tobellas at Delaney Creek (5818 Causeway Blvd, Tampa, FL 33619)

Lot parking is available for all visitors


Ticket type:- General Admission-All Include-Advance

Price:- $ 100.00 (All fees included)

The 2022 Ticket consists of the following –

  •  All-You-Can eat event
  • Low Country Boil
  • BBQ
  • Unlimited Drinks

Ticket type:- VIP-All Inclusive-Advance

Price:-$500.00 ( All prices included)

The 2022 VIP Ticket consists of the followings:-

  • All-You-Can eat event
  • Low Country Boil
  • BBQ
  • Unlimited Drinks
  • Access to the private oyster tents
  • Access to the drink bars.

$350 from each VIP ticket sponsors teen in Frameworks’ Teens in Action Scholarship.

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Entertainment and events

The 4th annual Tampa Oyster Festival is unique and different when compared to the other oyster festivals around the world. A fest is an exclusive event that supports Emotional Intelligence in our community! As you can see, Tampa Oyster Fest is an educational and supportive event. Together with the oyster fest, Frameworks of Tampa Bay provide their service to the community. Their mission is to empower and strengthen educators, youth services professionals, and parents/ guardians, coaching youth to equip their minds with emotional intelligence skills. If you are a traveler or a local willing to improve and explore entertaining but educational content, don’t miss this chance.

Live music

If it is a festival, music is s must. You can enjoy live music events at Tampa Oyster fest 2022. Enjoy live music while tasting oysters and slurping wine to complete the vibe. Local fan-favorite artists will be performing at the Tampa Oyster fest 2022.

Contact for Volunteer

Location- Framework of Tampa Bay, 402E, Oak Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Phone- 813.513.9555



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