Oysterfest Ceduna

Oysterfest, Ceduna – 2021

Everyone has a mania of their own. It can be anything, books, games or even stars. Oysters have been a part of the food mania of many people from the gone day. How delicious would it be to receive a great love through generations and centuries? If you are an oyster love, there is no need to explain the flavor of oysters. But if you are yet to try oysters, my advice is to do it soon! Oysterfest of Ceduna is a perfect place both for veteran oyster lovers and newbies to savor loads of fresh oysters. 

Does it feel right to be an Australian oyster love who has not visited the grandest oyster festival in the oyster capital of the country, Ceduna? If you live in South Australia and are mesmerized by the taste of oysters, you can have no reason to skip the Oysterfest at Ceduna. This festival is celebrated in October of every year throughout the South Australian Labor Day weekend. It started small in 1991 and has been continued annually while growing to a fabulous event attracting thousands of participants. 

Oysterfest will have a range of top-rated oysters freshly harvested from the Smoky and Denial bay. You can expect to have live entertainment till the end of the event, a zone for kids’ activities, carnival rides, contests for all festival-goers from all ages, local products, artisan crafts, an array of good wine, and many specialty cuisines. This event is one of the largest oyster festivals is organized in Australia so there will be fun and food for everyone who visits the Oysterfest. The scenic shores of Murat Bay, the far west’s traditional lifestyle, and the hospitality of the friendly local community will make you want to visit Ceduna again.  

Ceduna is situated in the route between Western and Eastern states allowing you to tick off many places out of your bucket list. These places include Maralinga, Lake McDonnell, Head of Bight, the Bunda Cliffs, and the famous Nullabor Roadhouse. If you are already convinced to visit the Oysterfest at Ceduna, this is some information that you should know. 


1.   Date

2.   Location

3.   Tickets for Oysterfest

4.   Facilities at Oysterfest

1.    Date 

01st of Oct 2021 to 03rd of Oct 2021

  From 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM

2.    Location 

O’Loughlin Terrace, Ceduna, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, 5690

3.    Tickets for Oysterfest

Oysterfest was held as an admission-free event but due to the prevailing Covid-19 directives, this year’s festival will be a ticketed event. All the adults and children participating in this event must have a ticket. 

Tickets are free but you must have separate tickets for each day. It is better to have your tickets prearranged before the Oysterfest. Please visit https://www.ceduna.sa.gov.au/tourism-and-events/2021-oysterfest/2021-oysterfest-tickets2 to reserve your ticket. 

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult or a guardian. They must take full responsibility for the child. 

Once the tickets are reserved you are responsible to have them on your phone or have them printed out clearly that you will be able to produce them at the entrance. 

You are expected to respect the rules of physical distancing, health protocols, and the Covid Management Plan of the event. Participants who will not abide by these rules and refuse to respect the instructions of the event staff will be removed from the festival premises with no further recourse. 

Oysterfest, Ceduna

4.    Facilities at Oysterfest 

  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Carpark
  • Public Toilets

The Oysterfest is wheelchair accessible. Suitable parking and toilets are available within the festival ground. Please check the festival map for further information. 

This event is a no-smoking event. There is a designated smoking area and smoking out of that area is not tolerated. 

 There are many types of food available at Oysterfest except for oysters and seafood. There will be vegetarian options but the availability of foods for people with allergies cannot be guaranteed. 


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