How to eat oysters


Can you remember that awkward moment when you were firstly served with oysters? Most probably it might have been at a fancy restaurant where there were few curious pairs of eyes watching you. It is understandable that those queer shells got you confused. How do I open them? How will they taste? Is this even edible? A serving of half a dozen of oysters is enough to give you a panic attack depending on the people who you are with.

To start with, there is no “right” way to eat oysters. You can eat them whatever way you want. There are several ways of serving oysters, raw, fried, or sandwiches but you will only feel the real taste if you eat them raw.  But the tips I talk about in this article will help you to enjoy the oysters at their best.

Smell it.

Start by smelling the oyster. Do not smell the entire serving like a dog sniffing into its food!! Pick one shell and take it closer to your nose. You should feel the fresh smell of seawater from the oyster. Smell triggers your appetite and will help you to finish your serving without hesitation. If you do not like the smell of the oysters, abort the mission if you are in a formal environment because you do not want to embarrass yourself. You can try a different type of oyster or try it at home when you are in your comfort zone.


Oysters are considered finger food which you should eat with no forks or knives. They are supposed to be eaten fresh and raw. So there are fewer things to worry about. Take the oyster, open the shell, keep your mouth to the widest side and slurp it out. Oysters will normally be served with a tiny fork. You can use this tiny fork to loosen the oyster from its shell if it is too tight. Those tiny utensils can also be used to put condiments to the oysters before slurping them.

Chew or Swallow?

This is one of the biggest arguments when comes to eating oysters. Should I chew them or swallow them? As I said from the beginning, there is no perfect way to eat oysters so there is no right answer to this question. If you are someone who likes to enjoy and explore the flavors of food that you are eating, then chewing will be your choice. Chewing helps you to feel the fresh and briny tastes of the oysters better. Experiments with both ways and go with the method that you loved. Either way, it is oysters and they are delicious!!

Spice it up.

Your serving of oysters will come with a set of condiments that can be added to enhance the taste. It is not compulsory to add any of these condiments for oysters to taste good. Make sure you eat a fresh, raw oyster with no condiments first and choose what tastes best to you by trying out different flavors of condiments. These toppings will include champagne mignonette, a little fresh lemon juice, cocktail sauce, or horseradish. You can try mixing condiments too.

Oyster Etiquette?

Although the oysters are considered finger food, they will be served with a tiny fork. This fork will be used to loosen the muscle from the oyster shell, to take out the oyster if you do not like the taste of the water inside the shell or just to add and mix the condiments.  Once you are done eating the oysters, place them downwards. Then the server will know that you have finished eating and also the try will also look neat.


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