Is It Time? Top Signs You Should Go to Rehab

Are you on the fence about whether you should go to rehab? Wondering if the recovery process will work for you? Here are the top signs to look out for.

Have you been drinking more than usual lately? Have you been using drugs to escape your life and your problems? If you answered yes to one or both questions, there’s a chance that you may struggle with the disease of addiction.

There’s a saying in recovery communities that if you drink or use drugs enough to wonder whether you have a problem, you probably have a problem. If you’re wondering whether your drinking and using habits are bad enough to seek help, then it might be time for you to go to rehab.

Here are some top signs that it might be time to check yourself into treatment.

You Can’t Control Your Drinking and Using

When it comes to addiction, how much or how often you’re drinking or using doesn’t matter. The more important sign that you’re suffering from addiction is the inability to control your drinking or using.

If you swear that you’re going out for just one drink and you end up driving home drunk hours later, it’s a sign you can no longer control your drinking. If you promise yourself that you will not drink or use today but you end up drunk or high by the end of the day, it’s a sign you’re not in control. If you really want to stop drinking and using and find that you can’t do it on your own, then you definitely can’t control your drinking and using.

When you’re not in control of whether you drink or use drugs, then the alcohol and drugs control you. Once you reach that point, you probably won’t be able to stop on your own. Seeking treatment by checking into a drug rehab facility is your best option.

Your Relationships Are Suffering 

Addiction makes people do crazy things. When someone is suffering from the disease of addiction, getting the next drink or drug becomes more important than anything else, including the people you love. Addicts will often lie to those they love, steal from them, and hurt them to get to their next fix.

Addicts also behave in harmful ways while under the influence. It’s common for addicts to say hurtful things they don’t mean or even become physically violent when they’re under the influence.

If your relationships are starting to suffer because of the way you act when you’re drinking or using or because you’ve hurt those you love to get a fix, it’s a sign that rehab might be your best option. 

You’re Getting Into Trouble

Many addicts will eventually get into trouble because of their drinking or using. The trouble looks different for every addict.

Some addicts lose their jobs because they come to work drunk or high. Or they come to work too sick from their using to function as an employee. 

Some addicts get in trouble with the law. They may get arrested for driving drunk, being drunk in public, disorderly conduct, or assault if they get physically violent while under the influence.

If your drinking and using have escalated to where you’re getting in trouble, then you should definitely check into rehab.

Should You Go to Rehab?

The bottom line is if you’re wondering whether you need to go to rehab, then you most likely do. People who drink normally or use drugs recreationally don’t wonder whether they have a problem. 

If any of these signs are present in your life, then it’s likely you are suffering from the disease of addiction. Getting treatment for addiction is the only way to recover and going to rehab is part of getting treatment for many addicts.

For more information about how to take care of yourself and get well, check out the Mind & Body section on our website.


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