Do I Need to Renovate? 8 Best Renovations to Do Before Selling

Are you trying to figure out if you need to renovate or not? Read this article to learn the best renovations to do before selling.

Within the first year or so of owning a home, there are a few ways to increase your home’s value. Certain parts of the home bring higher returns on investments after renovating them. What this means, however, is that there are also some renovations that won’t bring you enough return on investment to make them worth it. 

When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to focus on the renovations that come with a high ROI. Completing these renovations will give you the best chance of increasing your home’s sale price. 

What are the best renovations to do before selling? You need to know the answer to this question before you begin your own renovations. 

To ensure you get the highest price for your home for sale, continue reading below. Here’s our list of the best renovations to do before selling!

  1. Curb Appeal Repairs

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing buyers will see when looking at the house. The curb appeal can range from the lawn itself to the siding on the house and everything in between. 

If you want to hit them with the “wow” factor upon arrival, then you’ll want to do some renovations to the outside of the house. Keep the grass mowed at a healthy length, pull any weeds, and lay new mulch in the garden. 

If the siding on the house is falling off or if there’s mildew growing on the exterior, replace the siding and pressure wash the walls to create a fresh new look. 

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades 

The kitchen and the bathrooms inside the house will be two of the biggest selling points. Think about what sold you on your new home or what some turnoffs were for you while doing your own home search. The kitchen and the bathrooms most likely stood out to you out of all other rooms. 

If you’re going to do renovations on a house before selling it, then you’ll want to update your kitchen and bathrooms. Even if you refurbish your old cabinets and lay down new floors, these small renovations could drastically increase the house’s value.

  1. Fresh Coats of Paint

A fresh coat of paint on the house’s exterior and in every room inside will make the house appear new and clean. Painting the walls is an easy and inexpensive way to make the house more appealing to the buyers. When selling your house, you want to de-personalize it, so buyers can imagine their own style and designs within it.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to paint with white paint or another neutral color. Using light colors will also help make the rooms seem larger. 

  1. Roof Repairs or Replacements 

A bad roof will either turn buyers away or cause them to want the price dropped. Without a good roof, the house is left exposed to weather and other natural elements. If there are damages to the roof, you need to make these corrections before selling or expect to lower the price because of it. 

Any missing shingles, mold or mildew growth, sinking patches, holes, and other issues should be corrected. 

  1. Foundation Repairs

Just like the roof, the house’s foundation is there to protect the home and can cause a decrease in home value if not in great shape. Any issues with the foundation can cause major problems down the road.

No home buyer wants to purchase a home only to have it collapse into the ground or begin cracking down the walls because the foundation is bad. Many home buyers complete inspections before buying a home and an inspection that comes back with a bad foundation will lead to a significant decrease in home value.

  1. Electric Wiring Upgrades

A house’s electrical is another huge factor to consider. Bad or faulty electrical systems can be quite dangerous. Older houses will need to have the electrical system update to keep up with code. 

If the electrical system in your house isn’t up to code, it could be a fire hazard. This is another aspect of the house that’ll force you to drop the asking price if not fixed. 

  1. Light Fixture Upgrades

Light fixtures both inside and outside the home can make a huge difference in appearance. If the house currently has old and outdated light fixtures, then they can make the entire house seem outdated and old. To prevent this, head to a local home improvement store and grab a few new light fixtures.

Light fixtures can get expensive when wanting to buy the most fabulous piece on the shelf, but you don’t have to go above and beyond for your renovations. Pick out a few modern light fixtures at a fair price and switch them out. 

Having new light fixtures, in general, will already make the house appear updated.

  1. No Renovations at All 

The last renovation on our list to make is no renovation at all. Home renovations can be expensive and if your house needs a lot of renovations, then the price of them together adds up fast. 

To ensure you don’t spend more money on these renovations than you’ll get in return on the asking price, consider making no renovations. There are cash buyers who will buy your house as-is and even use the phrase, “we buy ugly houses.”  

They will buy your house in the condition it’s in with a cash payment. This could be the best option for sellers looking to sell fast with little hassle. 

Sometimes, the Best Renovations to Do Before Selling Are No Renovations! 

In some cases, the best renovations to do before selling are no renovations! Do you fall under this category? If not, follow our guide for all of the best renovations to make to see the highest ROI.

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