Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers Oyster Festival

Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers

When you travel, one in all the best ways to expertise a place is through the food. Every plate could be a story from the one who created it and made places they represent.

Especially you can experience Virginia foods with the tastes of thoughtfully selected and carefully sourced local ingredients.

Across Virginia, you can find Virginia’s best and delicious vegetables, heritage meats, savory cheeses, and of course, our signature Virginia oysters. And also you can enjoy the tastes of Virginia at an upcoming food oyster festival.


Virginia Oysters

Oyster Flavors

Oyster and WaterMan Tour 

Virginia Oyster Festival Events

Food & Drink Tours


What is Virginia’s River Realm?

Special Things Regarding Virginia’s Oysters

Best 4 Places To Enjoy  The Virginia Oyster in National Oyster Day

Urbanna Virginia Oyster Festival Overall


November 5th & 6th, 2021


Town of Urbanna. Urbanna, VA 23175


  • Parking Fee $10
  • Friday $20
  • Saturday $2

VIP Ticket Price 

Friday 100$

Saturday 100$

It’s the 64th Oyster Celebration!

Virginia Oysters

Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers Oyster Festival

The best food tells the story of the place it’s from. Eating an oyster in Virginia is the character of our waters in one fast, advanced taste. The oyster tells guests a story in every shell. This is often why Virginia is most famous for Oyster Lovers.  

Growing within the world-famous and its tributaries, Virginia oysters are in eight totally different regions in the world, and isn’t it amazing? 

Oysters food taste the best waterside in Virginia, however, this internationally distributed delicacy delivers notes of bay breezes, salt water, sunshine, and side views whatever they’re enjoyed.

You can eat oysters like a true Urbanna Virginian year-round, thanks to several festivals and events, like the traditional Chesapeake Bay oyster roasts and Marquee Virginia oyster events including the Urbanna Oyster Festival.  

Oyster Flavors

There are many different flavors and many talented and professional chefs out there. So you are most welcome to spend some quality time with friends and family on the Virginia Oyster Trail and raise a shell to what you love most.


Mild saltiness moving to a sweet finish.


Salty oyster food plate with sweetness and a smoothy delicious finish. 


Traditional Virginia Oyster flavor with a grain of salt and sweety, and a savory butter/creamy finish.


Salty and creamy with a soft sweetness and a quick finish.


Sweetwater oyster with a light cream taste.


Lil a bit salty with cream or butter.


Saltiness softening into a taste of sweet butter and cream at the finish.


Classic Virginia delight oyster flavor with Lil bit salt and sweet, with a savory finish.

Oyster and WaterMan Tour 

Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers Oyster Festival

Step into the Urbanna Virginia boater for the day, and taste the cool freshest seafood you may ever experience in your lifetime, straight from the water around you live in. you will see first-hand what it takes to induce fresh, local food from our rivers and bay to your table.

Waterman Tours You Can Enjoy

  1. Escape to the Eastern Shore The Nature Bus Tour
  2. Oyster Wine Tour – Chesapeake Bay
  3. Pleasure House Oyster Farm Tours – Hampton Roads
  4. Chessie Seafood and Aquafarms Tours – Chesapeake Bay
  5. Virginia Watermen’s Heritage Tour Program – Chesapeake Bay
  6. Saturday Escapes – Hampton Roads


Before you head out on tour, walk around Virginia’s beautiful down streets to sample their very important dishes from their absolute best chefs. Interesting new enjoyable events are hot spots for fresh dishes. Mark, your calendar to eat and drink as much as you can enjoy the days that are spent well in Urbanna, Virginia.


  • Raw
  • Steamed
  • Roasted
  • Rockefeller
  • Fried
  • Stewed
  • Oysters in a Pot Pie
  • Festival food fare like BBQ
  • Crab Bisque

Special Food & Drink Tours

  1. Afton Hop On Tour – Charlottesville
  2. Old Towne Petersburg Food Tour – Petersburg
  3. Arts District Food Tour – Richmond
  4. Carytown Food Tour – Richmond
  5. Church Hill Food Tour – Richmond
  6. Richmond Booze and Bites Tour – Richmond
  7. Oyster Wine Tour – Shacklefords
  8. Richmond Brewery Tours – Richmond
  9. River City Food Tours – Richmond
  10. Art of Enjoying Richmond – Richmond
  11. Charlottesville Evening Delight Food Tour – Charlottesville
  12. Pleasure House Oyster Farm Tours – Beach
  13. Chessie Seafood and Aquafarms Tours – Hayes
  14. Gardens Well-Tended – Richmond
  15. Give Me Liberty- A colonial heritage tour – Richmond
  16. Homestead Creamery Tours – Wirtz
  17. James Monroe The Era of Good Feelings – Richmond
  18. Meet Four Virginia Presidents – Richmond
  19. Stone Brewing Factory Tours – Richmond
  20. RVATukTuk -Richmond City Tours – Richmond

Virginia Oyster Festival Events

During this popular food festival, you can expect to experience a wide variety of events to which is,

  • Seafood trails
  • Oyster hot spots
  • Oyster opening (shucking) championships / The Oyster ‘Olympics’ or World Oyster Championship
  • Foodie talks & tasting events 
  • Food provenance tours
  • Sample delights at the intimate food villages 
  • Best Dressed Lady competition
  • Cooking demonstrations 
  • Live music
  • Fireman Parade at Friday 7.00 PM and Saturday 2.00 PM
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • ‘Hot Oyster Awards’ cooking challenge and more.

Don’t miss out on the amazing Oyster Shucking Contest Saturday behind the Festival premises Firehouse on Sat at 11 am.  

And there are some Individual areas for Virginia Wine Tasting and Craft Brew Tastings for 21+ years for $10 each.


Urbanna Virginia is for Oyster Lovers Oyster Festival

Every VIP Holder Can Receive The Following:

  • Access to 3 welcome tents throughout Urbanna throughout the festival – city marina, Craft brewage Tent & wine tasting Tent
  • Exclusive VIP tables & seating
  • Support from a festival caretaker to assist you navigate the event
  • Bottled waters
  • Six wine tastings
  • Six brewage tastings
  • Two oyster shooters
  • Six oyster Tastings
  • navigate the event
  • Private washroom facilities
  • Discounts at local businesses- Nov 15, 2021 – Apr 15, 2022
  • VIP seating at Saturday’s 11AM Shucking Contest
  • 64th commemorating Urbanna Oyster festival poster

What is The Virginia’s River Realm?

Full of pleasant surprises, hidden gems, and friendly small-town spirit. The 465 miles of bounds, eight nice tiny cities, and many unique attractions invite guests to enjoy the wonder of an ideal oyster, the promise of a back road or secret cove, and therefore the pleasure of sharing a table with friends. an area wherever you’ll catch your breath, calm your mind and live your dreams.

Oysters are back in a huge way because of the hard work by the watermen and oyster growers of Virginia’s river. In their waters, Crassostrea Virginia (that’s their biological name) has created a comeback, that any sports team would be covetous of. They’re shipping worldwide therefore return and taste what the fuss is all concerning.

Special Things Regarding Virginia’s Oysters

$4 Million



1/2 Million






Best 4 Places to Enjoy  The Virginia Oyster in National Oyster Day

Deep down in Virginia’s River Realm lies one in all nature’s most respected resources – The oyster. They’re full of nutrients, filter our waters of pollution, and have a flavor that sparks the imagination of foods all around the world. If you’re an admirer of those coastal treats, they tend to welcome you to our special region of the world wherever many of the oysters you get pleasure from deriving. Here are 3 places to taste the Virginia oyster in honor of National Oyster Day…

1. Pack a Picnic with J & W seafood Marketplace in Virginia 

Enjoy the oyster on your terms. set up a picnic and add J & W food Market to your searching list. The market makes a specialty of take-out, recent, native seafood, as well as raw oysters. Add sauces to your basket looking on however you’d wish to get pleasure from your oysters.

2. Rockefeller style at Eckhard’s

For an opulent take on oysters, visit this German-inspired restaurant’s elegant eating area with cozy fireplaces. Eckhard’s eating place is located just before you cross the Rappahannock stream Bridge.

3. Dockside dining at Urbanna food and Raw Bar

If you’re a sunset junkie, take a ride to the present hidden local secret. It’s familiar to have one of all the most lovely sunsets in Urbanna. Step onto the dock, wherever oysters and different contemporary seafood pass on a daily basis. enjoy fresh, roasted, or cooked oysters aboard a range of different food classics, wine, and beer.

4. Oysters 3 ways at Merroir

Merroir’s is located right on the Rappahannock River, dominating where the oysters are grown. get pleasure from oysters in 3 other ways as you watch deadrise boats are available in and out of the dock.

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