New York Oyster Week

New York Oyster Week – 2021

The soft, fresh, and briny taste of the oysters is too good to be celebrated on a single day but National Oyster Day is falling on 5th August every year. As real oyster lovers cannot quit the love for this seafood miracle in one day, there are oyster festivals organized throughout the year in different locations of the country. Most of the oyster festivals are held on a weekend but if you feel like you are down for some more days of all oyster fun, there is a place that you should definitely go to. 

 New York Oyster Week has changed the norm of the oyster festival culture and lasts for two weeks. You can decide how many days you are going to spend around your favorite food while engaging in the most fascinating games and contests. Interested in the event? Keep reading to know all about the New York Oyster Week. 


1.   What happens at the New York Oyster Week?

2.   Purpose of the event

3.   History

4.   Date

5.   Events

1.    What happens at the New York Oyster Week? 

New York Oyster Week brings together a collection of oyster-centric events along with their unique “Show & Shell” program. The events will be held in a range of venues throughout the two weeks. Skilled chefs will be presenting their extraordinary oyster dishes for the “Show and Shell” contest is something you should never miss in the New York Oyster Week. 

Oyster lovers from many levels including the consumers and businesses attend the New York Oyster week to discover and appreciate the art of oysters and to engage and share their experience in the industry. The event strives to make sustainable, responsible, and luxury branding possible for the new businesses in the oyster business through earning the support and sponsorship of the interested parties. 

New York Oyster Week has non-profit partners who work to protect, preserve and restore threatened or destroyed oyster habitat. They will contribute to spread awareness among the participants about the need for the conservation of oyster habitats while raising funds to invest in conservation projects. 

2.    Purpose of the event

New York Oyster Week is to celebrate the oyster people, places, and processes that create and present oysters to the world. The event has a goal set to protect, preserve and restore oyster habitat and be an inspiring and encouraging force for the people who enjoy, produce, distribute or serve oysters. It is an ideal destination for all the people who are passionate to explore the oyster’s role in history, culture, cuisine, economies, and eco-systems. 

3.    History

New York Oyster Week stemmed out as a fresh concept in 2011 and turned out to a real-life experience in September of 2012. Since then New York Oyster Week has matured to become a collection of oyster producers, distributors, restaurants, shuckers, and consumers which is named The OysterHood and launched in 2014. Miami Oyster Week was added to their group of events in 2017 and currently working on expanding to several other markets in the US, Canada, and Europe.

New York Oyster Week

4.    Date

New York Oyster Week is held in the last two weeks of September each year. The next oyster festival is scheduled for 

15th of September – 30th of September 2021 

5.    Events 

  • Show and Shell

This is the signature event of the New York Oyster Week and it easier than you will ever imagine. You have to create oyster and beer, wine, or cocktail pairings that showcase your shellfish prowess and post them on Instagram while tagging the related accounts. They will find your master combinations and repost them. The one which gets the most likes will be the winner and be eligible for the prize. 

The New York Oyster Week of 2020 was canceled due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Below are some fun bits from 2019 oyster week.

  • OystoberFest

You can have a Radeberger Beer with some epic oysters with live music in the background. Would you ask for more? 

  • Oyster Frenzy 

Dozens of oyster varieties on offer with glasses of wine to sip while watching cooking demos and shucking competitions. 


Denmark's Oyster Festival

Denmark’s Oyster Festival – 2021

Denmark is not a tiny hidden country in Northern Europe. It has a great diversity in the landscape that exceeds to minor size in the world map. Wadden sea of Denmark is a declared UNESCO World Heritage and oysters from this sea are a must-try for all oyster lovers. There is no better moment than Denmark’s Oyster Festival to slurp down some Wadden Oysters which are known for their fresh juicy taste.

Oyster festivals cancelled in 2021

The best oyster festivals in the world canceled due to pandemic

Every love story has a villain and it is a fact that we know from the past. Did we ever think that a villain will disrupt our love story with the oysters? The love story between the oysters and humans has been continued for centuries. Oyster festivals are the grandest celebrations of this long-lasting but yet wonderful relationship. Did we ever think that a villain will appear to disrupt the ancient oyster-human relationship?