New Orleans Oyster festivals

New Orleans Oyster Festival – Celebrate the oysters at the oyster capital of the US

For some people, oysters are their favorite seafood and some call it their favorite food. But there is a gang that considers oysters as an inseparable part of their life. There are many oyster festivals held around the country. All these festivals call out loud for the deep-hearted oyster lovers to taste, play and win.

This is a clue for anyone who is yet to decide on an oyster festival to participate in this year or the next. What would the oysters think if you haven’t still feasted at the oyster capital of the US? 

When the summer visits Woldenberg Park every year, it comes with good news for the oyster lovers in the country. New Orleans Oyster Festival is traditionally held on the first weekend of June. Hundreds of people from all around the country draw to this oyster festival to savor the delicate Louisiana Gulf Oysters, the signature oyster type of the region.


1.   Why New Orleans Oyster Festival?

2.   History

3.   Dates

4.   Tickets

5.   Contests

6.   Directions

7.   Accommodations

1.    Why New Orleans Oyster Festival?

 As many dedicated oyster lovers have admitted, there is no better place in all of the US to feast on this shelled delicacy rather than the US oyster capital. You can taste Louisiana Gulf Oysters and other types of oysters in many forms, raw and cooked, fried or char-grilled, in a salad or a po-boy, from local restaurants. If you have any delicious oyster fantasies to make real, New Orleans Festival is the place to go. 

For the oyster lovers who have further interests in games and competitions, there are many events to keep you busy such as eating and shucking oysters at speed. New Orleans Oyster Festival is a two days festival covering an entire weekend. Those two days are assumed to be tight-packed with many exciting activities including cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, and more entertainment, all being backed by live music.

2.    History 

The New Orleans Oyster Festival was organized with the aim to educate the citizens of the US about the importance of the Louisiana Gulf Oyster as well as to honor and celebrate the generations of restauranteurs and oyster farmers who have worked hard throughout years for the New Orleans French Quarter’s position as the “Oyster Capital of America. The proceeds also contribute to the economic development of the oyster farmers, shuckers, and their families.

The organizers of this oyster festival bear the goal of contributing to the coastal restoration which affects the continuity of the oyster industry. Through these efforts, they will provide the most needed support to all the parties who are involved in the restoration of the Gulf Coast, which is necessary to sustain the oyster culture of the US.

3.    Dates 

Due to the prevailing Covid-19 condition and the restrictions, the date for the next New Orleans Oyster Festival is not decided yet. Please check for updates. 

4.    Tickets 

Free Admission 

New Orleans Oyster festival

5.    Contests 

  • Oyster Eating Championship

Eating oysters is not actually a challenge for real oyster lovers so they have added a time limit to find out the fastest oyster eater of the year. The person who eats the highest number of oysters in eight minutes will be the winner for the year. 

  • Shucking Contest 

No eating oysters till someone shuck them. So this is the change for the people who love to shuck the oysters. The contests who shuck the most number of oysters in two minutes win the prize. 

6.    Directions

 Woldenberg Park lies along the Mississippi River. It is within the walking distance of the French Quarter. For the visitors who are from different states, booking a flight to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and taking a rideshare to the festival will be the easiest way to reach the premises. 

7.    Accommodations 

New Orleans has a range of lodging options and you can decide on a place based on your budget before your arrival to New Orleans. A place in or near the French Quarter would be ideal because it will have you within a walking distance of the festival.


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