Milford Oyster Festival

Milford Oyster Festival – 2021

There are over hundred species of oysters named after the region or the water body they are grown in. The flavor of the oysters changes according to their originating water. Simply, the water decides how the oyster will taste like. Hence, each region has a uniquely flavored oyster of its own, and to taste them all in the freshest condition, you must visit as many as possible locations.

 The people who consider the oysters a passion rather than just a food would travel anywhere to taste a new type of oyster. Oyster festivals are the best opportunities to experience the oyster miracles in a town.  They are held across the country at different times of the year making it possible for you to hit multiple events each year. This article is for the oyster lovers who are yet to savor the Milford oysters!

The Milford Oyster Festival is the perfect place to taste the Milford oyster as well as many other types as this oyster festival has the largest variety of oysters at any festival in the USA. This year, Milford Oyster Festival will have about 40,000 oysters with 21 varieties from 8 states on the East Coast.  This oyster festival will many fun activities for the participants including arts and crafts on the Green, Main Street, the non-profit area, car show, canoe and kayak races, food, and entertainment.


1.   Date

2.   Pre-Festival Tradition

3.   Location

4.   Entertainment

5.   Transportation

1.    Date

21st of August, 2021 – 10 am to 6 pm

2.    Pre-Festival Tradition

Oyster Eve, the famous pre-festival traditional event of the Milford Oyster Festival, will be held on Friday, August 20, from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. It is a relaxing night of fun with live music, food, beer, and wine.

This event will be held at the new location on FOWLER FIELD with live music from one of Connecticut’s most popular bands, the RumRunners. This band was formed in 1998 by 4 firefighters and the son-in-law and daughter of a retired firefighter from New Haven and Milford. Over the years, they have helped many charities such as The American Lung Association, The Connecticut Burn Camp, The Sunshine Kids Camp, Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise funds.

The admission fee will be $5 and can be purchased from the door. For kids under 14, admission will be free.

3.    Location

Downtown, Milford, CT 06460

4.    Entertainment

  • Arts and Crafts

 The Annual Milford Oyster Festival attracts more than 200 artists and artisans every year for the Arts & Crafts Show. These artists come from many different states, with their stunning artistic creations, to take part in one of Connecticut’s largest Arts & Crafts Show.

The Milford Oyster Festival Arts & Crafts Show presents decorative and artistic items such as jewelry; hand-painted clothing for children and adults; an array of decorative items for the yard and garden; beautiful stained glass; decorative items for the home,  exquisite floral arrangements, leather garments, handbags, and other accessories; furniture for home and yard.

Milford Oyster Festival
  • Canoe and Kayak Race

This is a signature contest at the Milford Oyster Festival. All the oyster lovers who also love to ride can join this contest as both male and female contestants are accepted for the race. The pre-registration will be $15 for all the contestants but you can also register on the day of the festival for $20. No kids under ten are allowed.  Everyone under 18 has to produce a letter of parental consent.

5.    Transportation

Train transportation is recommended to reach the Milford Annual Festival. The Stratford and West Haven Metro Station has plenty of parking, clean and new facilities, and most importantly is just minutes away from the Milford Metro Station. Taking the train will make you safe from getting caught in parking snags, and allows you to avoid any traffic-related delays.


Denmark's Oyster Festival

Denmark’s Oyster Festival – 2021

Denmark is not a tiny hidden country in Northern Europe. It has a great diversity in the landscape that exceeds to minor size in the world map. Wadden sea of Denmark is a declared UNESCO World Heritage and oysters from this sea are a must-try for all oyster lovers. There is no better moment than Denmark’s Oyster Festival to slurp down some Wadden Oysters which are known for their fresh juicy taste.