Who loves Oysters and some fun? Mulberry Park, Shallotte transforms into a paradise of culinary miracles for the Oyster festival every year. 2021 will remark the 40th anniversary of the NC Oyster Festival which is organized with the support of dedicated volunteers of the Town of Shallotte, local businesses, and the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce. If you are down for a fabulous weekend, lock 16th and 17th October for the NC Oyster Festival.

With a broad range of delicious foods, crafts, fun contests, activities for kids, and musical performances, NC Oyster Festival is definitely a destination of joy. Signature events of the NC Oyster Festival include the Oyster Shucking Contest, Oyster Eating Contest, and Oyster Stew Cook-off where anyone can participate and have fun.

No festival is festive without good food. there will be many dishes made of oysters and other delicacies to double the fun. The best entertainers featuring beach, funk, variety, and country music will be there at the NC Oyster Festival to make your experience more delightful. So bring your chair, find your spot and absorb all the joy in the air!!

Scroll down for all the facts and tips you should know about the NC oyster festival.


  • 16th October- Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm
  • 17th October – Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm


  • Mulberry Park
    Shallotte, NC


  • Adults: $5 cash only
  • 12 & Under: Free


  • Oyster Eating Contest

If you are someone who always goes “just one more” with oysters, this is the place to show off your skill. This is not even a competition for a real oyster lover. Obviously, the person who eats the highest number of oysters will win the trophy of the year. There will be four rounds and from each, a contestant will be selected for the final round. Eat as many oysters as you can and win the bragging rights for an entire year!!

  • Oyster Stew Cook-off

Oyster Stew, a signature dish of the Ocean Beach Isle is known for its mesmerizing taste. Several local restaurants will compete for the cash prizes and the title of North Carolina Oyster Champion. Want to try Oyster Stew from the best chefs just for $5? Become a voter for the People’s Choice award and get the chance to taste the dishes from all the contestants.

  • Oyster Shucking Contest

North Carolina Oyster Shucking Championship! Yep, you read it right. How many oysters you can shuck in a row? The faster you can shuck is the higher your stake will be to become the champion in this uncommon but fun contest. The winner will get the opportunity to participate in National Oyster Shucking Championship in addition to the cash prize.



  • You are expected to respect the no-smoking policy which includes e-cigarettes and vapor
  • No pets are allowed on the premises
  • Restroom facilities and first aids station are available in the festival area.
  • Re-entry within the day is allowed. Do not forget to get the stamp before leaving the premises.
  • The NC Oyster Festival premises is navigable for people with mobility disabilities. But, uneven surfaces can be present.
  • A free-of-charge shuttle service will be provided from three designated lots near the Festival. The shuttles will be running non-stop during festival hours.
  • Please note that there is high traffic observed on the island during the hours of 11:00 am – 2:00 pm when planning your journey.
  • Parking in non-designated lots may cause your vehicle to be towed. Hence, seek the help of the volunteer parking crew to find the designated parking lots.
  • ATMs are located outside the festival grounds but there is no ATM located inside the festival grounds.

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Denmark’s Oyster Festival – 2021

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