How to use Game Killer?

Game Killer Download

Game Killer Download is a multipurpose app to hack android games quickly. With Game Killer, you can hack popular offline games on your android phone or tablet. You can hack game resources that include gems, diamonds, coins, strength, money, currency, and more. Game Killer lets you hack popular android games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Hill Racing. The key prerequisite to use this application is that your Android device should be a rooted device. You will continue to hack android games until your device is rooted.

If your device not rooted you can use King Root application. 

Features of Game Killer Download

  • Unload Code 
  • Hex edit 
  • Search Game worth with exact number 
  • Hack android game 
  • Lock the video game value to a repaired number 
  • Touch Game Killer sprite to bring up the device during gaming

How to hack android Games using Game Killer Download

It’s a simple process to hack android games using game killer. Follow these given steps you can download and hack android games using game killer.

  • First you must download and install the game killer apk on your rooted android device. 
  • Open the .apk file and Install it.
  • After install open the Game killer apk and give the permissions [root permission].
  • Now Just minimize the game killer apk. Now you will see the game killer icon on the left top of your screen.
  • Now open the game which you want to hack.
  • Just pause the game and chuck the game score/coins you want to hack.
  • Tap on the Game killer icon appearing on the top left. It will open Game killer.
  • Enter the number instant which may be coins/score, in the search field.Now you will find a list of memory locations with the similar value. On the first try, there are many locations which have the same value.
  • But you’ve got to play the game to change the coin / score.
  • Again, search for a new value in Game Killer to find less results this time.
  • Keep doing this until you get one answer. 
  • Now you’ve got the results on the phone, press the results and change all the values.


  • Game killer apk work?

Game killer works in offline games only. Online games are actually hard to hack. We have to hack different games to hack simply using an android app like Game killer. 

  • It shows “Installation Blocked” or similar messages while installing. How can I fix it?


Go to your device settings>security. Scroll down to find “Unknown sources” and enable it.

  • I cannot download Game killer. What should I do?

We cannot give you an exact answer on this because this error can be caused by many factors. So try steps below:

  1. Change your browser. Sometimes, web browsers can cause this issue.
  2. Maybe you clicked on ads. Copy this link and paste on your browser
  • Is there any way that I can use Game killer without rooting my android device?

No. Rooting your android device is the very first step to use Game killer on your android devices. You can root your devices easily with kingroot.

Download Game Killer


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