Barrier Islands Center Oyster Roast Fundraiser February 25, 2023

Date: February 25, 2023
Time: 1.00 PM – 5.00 PM

The event has many things to enjoy and explore. Eat Barrier Island’s tasty and fresh oysters and taste some wines or beers to complete the taste. Local oyster houses and the vendors at the event will be waiting at the location to serve you roasted and steamy oysters. They are generously preparing tasty cuisines with oysters and clams. On February 25th, oysters and other cuisines will be waiting for you at the Barrier Islands Center Oyster Festival. The island is filled with natural beauty and picturesque views, so take this opportunity to explore Barrier Island’s scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

The silent auction also exhibits the talents of the Barrier Island and encourages them. Many local artists, restaurants, entrepreneurs, and other businesses donate their signature productions to this silent auction. This means this silent auction is booming every year thanks to their contribution and also thanks to the organizing committee. And this generous contribution of the local talents helps to keep the doors open with free admission for all people.

And the local and regional corporate invests in Barrier Island Center. This shows the commitment of this local and regional corporation toward the BIC. Furthermore, all the sponsorships that BIC receives help continue the mission of Barrier Islands Center and will continue to be a fruitful educational resource for anyone in the region. Everyone of every age, income, and background can learn from BIC.

Ticket sales

Starting from January 3, 2023, tickets are exclusively available to purchase for BIC members. The members of Barrier Islands Center can purchase tickets in person or by phone. And tickets for the BIC’s Annual Oyster Roast and fundraiser will be available for general if only they remain, starting from January 18, 2023. The tickets include the followings,

  • Admission fees
  • BBQ and all the Fixin’s 
  • Chatham wines
  •  Wide variety of beers
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee
  • Roasted peanuts

Visit Barrier Islands Center Oyster Roast and Fundraizer and be a part of this sensational event you will never forget.

Visit Official Website: Barrier Islands Center Oyster Roast Fundraiser


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