Amite Oyster Festival

Amite Oyster Festival – “the pearl of Louisiana” 2022

Once you have fallen in love with oysters, you will never fall out of it. Wherever you go, you will be seeking a new flavor of that divine seafood. Food and travel are experiences that can make us rich without gold and pearls. If you can visit the pearl of Louisiana, the Amite Oyster Festival of the year 2022, you will be able to taste many flavors of oysters and seafood dishes that you have never tasted before. 

Amite Oyster Festival is not just an ordinary oyster festival. This festival is held in the spring of each year as a family fun destination for people of all ages attracting about 1000-5000 visitors from all over the country. It is a perfect combo of cool music, all-day fun, and fresh juicy oysters. Amite, Louisiana is awaiting to offer you joy and taste. So why ignore this fabulous oyster festival held only once a year? 

You have a full weekend to wash away your stress as the festival includes music from Cajun, country, rock and roll, and reggae artists. Amite Oyster Festival is focused on oyster po-boys, live entertainment from Cajun, country, rock, and roll, and reggae artists. To double the fun for kids, there will be carnival rides and various arts and crafts vendors to buy the best souvenirs from.  

Keep reading to know more about the Amite Oyster Festival. 


1.   Date

2.   Location

3.   Theme

4.   History of the Amite Oyster Festival

5.   Schedule

6.   Contact details

1.    Date 

18th of March 2022 – 5 pm to 12 am 

19th of March 2022 – 10am to 11 pm

20th of March 2022 – 10am to 6 pm 

2.    Location


 Amite, LA 70422

3.    Theme 

The peal of Louisiana 

4.    History of the Amite Oyster Festival

 The Oyster Industry of Amite came to light in 1949, when Carlo Venterella and Tony Relan founded an oyster business named Carlo’s Oyster House with a capital investment of $600. At the first stage, they had only employed10 employees to shuck oysters in a building on South First Street that was called the Old Blue Bonnet Creamery Building. From this humble beginning, the Amite oyster industry has risen to a global height at present. 

All oyster festivals are initiated to pay tribute to oyster farmers and other related occupations in the industry as well as promote and conserving the oysters. Weldon Russell, who realized the need of the local oyster industry for an Oyster Festival for Amite to encourage, promote and celebrate the oysters started an event named the Amite Oyster Day. 

It was a one-day event but it has grown enormously over the years. The first Amite Oyster Day was held on March 20, 1976, at the Tangipahoa Parish Fair Grounds. Since the first Amite Oyster Day, the festival has been planned and organized by the local Amite civic clubs. The oyster festival expanded itself to a grand event extending to three days of fun events with live entertainment, carnival rides, and oysters of all types. 

Amite Oyster Festival has a range of weekend events such as a scavenger hunt, formal gala, parade, chili cook-off, and an ever-loved oyster eating contest during the festival. The local community of Amite holds pride in participating in the fun activities of the Amite Oyster Festival which is their celebration of and the tribute to the Oysters. 

Amite Oyster Festival

5.    Schedule 

Friday, March 18

Annual Chili Cook-off

North Stage

South Stage at The Boston

Saturday, March 19

North Stage

South Stage at The Boston

Sunday, March 20

North Stage

South Stage at The Boston

Please visit the official website, for updated details on the event schedule. 

6.    Contact details 

Downtown Amite

P.O. Box 1100

Amite, LA 70422

(985) 969-5340 

[email protected]

Tangipahoa Parish Convention & 

Visitors Bureau: 1-800-542-7520


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