Fiesta Oyster Bake

Fiesta Oyster Bake 2022 – San Antonio

There is no other food like oysters that you can devour with no worries about the calories. Oysters have a variety of vitamins and nutrients including zinc, calcium, magnesium, protein, selenium, and vitamin A. This delicious seafood also contains especially high levels of vitamin B12, iron, and monounsaturated fat. So the more you eat the oysters is the better. Oyster festivals are great opportunities to savor loads of oysters from different regions of the country cooked into various dishes. Fiesta Oyster Bake is such a paradise of limitless oysters and many other delicacies.

The Oyster Bake is an event for the whole family. Each year, this oyster festival organizes entertainment for families at the end of the night. Kids and adults who are still a child at heart can visit the carnival area known as Chuckie Street, named for the Oyster Bake mascot. There will be offer rides and games for children of all ages. The admission is free for children 12 years old and younger kids.

If you wonder how epic this oyster festival is, the Fiesta Oyster Bake draws about 60,000-70,000 people to the university’s grounds. It has been known for its various entertainment stages, and obviously, the oysters. The festival lasts for two days and Fiesta Oyster Bake treats the taste buds of the festival-goers with over100, 000 oysters and 32,000 chicken on a stick with jalapeno! If this convinced you that you should join the Oyster Bake next time, here is all you should know.


1.   Date

2.   Location

3.   The Purpose of Fiesta Oyster Bake

4.   History

5.   Transportation

6.   Tickets

7.   Prohibitions

1.    Date

Fiesta Oyster Bake was canceled for 2021 due to Covid cases reported in the region. The next festival is scheduled to be held on the 1st and 2nd of April,2022.

2.    Location


3.    The Purpose of Fiesta Oyster Bake 

The Oyster Bake is a food festival that has genuine a purpose. All of the proceeds raised during the Oyster Bake are directed to fund the students of St. Mary’s University. If you are attending the Oyster Bake, it means you are supporting the educational progress of students and help their continuous growth as future community leaders.

Over the years, proceeds from the Oyster Bake have directly contributed millions of dollars in student scholarships and university programs. The organizing committee is dedicated to offering a quality, volunteer-driven, Fiesta San Antonio-approved music festival to raise funds for student scholarships to St. Mary’s University and to support the University and the Alumni Association.

Fiesta Oyster Bake

4.    History

 The Oyster Bake has been part of the life of the local community for 104 years. This means that it has been there for one-third of the history of St.Antonio. The Fiesta Oyster Bake started as a St. Mary’s University alumni gathering with few groups of people in 1916 along the banks of the San Antonio River downtown. Now it has expanded to a premier Fiesta San Antonio event with over 70,000 patrons and more than 7,000 volunteers.

5.    Transportation

The organizers highly recommend everyone to take the VIA Park and Ride located at Crossroads. Each passenger will be charged a $5 roundtrip fee and will receive a coupon for a free soda, water, or Red Bull at the Oyster Bake

6.    Tickets

The ticket prices will be updated on the official site.

Purchase admission tickets only at approved pre-sale locations or at the Fiesta Oyster Bake entrance gates

7.    Prohibitions at Fiesta Oyster Bake


  • Binoculars
  • Blankets, sheets, towels
  • Strollers
  • Basic point and shoot consumer-grade cameras. No professional cameras or video cameras are allowed
  • Portable/collapsible chair
  • Sunscreen lotion (no aerosol containers)
  • Bug repellant (no aerosol containers)
  • Only service animals that aid physically challenged patrons are allowed into the grounds.


  • Professional recording equipment
  • Professional video cameras
  • Laser pointers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Oyster knives
  • Pets are not allowed on the grounds
  • Illegal drugs
  • Patrons wearing steel-toed boots will NOT be admitted
  • Please note that officers will confiscate these and other items if they are illegal, and will discard and not return any items.


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